Arrive 45+ minutes prior to Mass start.

Turn on the Baptismal Font if it hasn’t been turned on. Check to remove bugs or debris.

Check to ensure Altar area is clean. Remove dead/dying flowers if needed. Confirm the Altar cloth is free of stains. A back-up cloth is hanging in the Computer Room closet.

Unlock the Tabernacle.

Estimate the number of Host in the Tabernacle ciborium and the Ministry to the Sick ciborium*(see below). There are approximately 200 hosts in a full ciborium.

If there is a significant number of normal hosts in the Tabernacle, coordinate with the Deacon to use those, and reduce the ‘count’ number placed in the large ciborium appropriately. If the ciboria in the Tabernacle are used then reduce the ciboria on the tray also.

Close the Tabernacle door but leave the key in it and leave it unlocked.

Set up the credence table per the photos below. [Water, Presider’s chalice (silver for Fr. Hank; gold for Fr. Shiju), Presider’s purificator, Presider’s (silver) ciborium with unconsecrated large host, corporal, towel, and basin.] The wine and water decanters should be about ½ to ¾ of the way full. If not, add as needed.

Add a pix with gluten free host(s) if requested by a parishioner(s).

Place water bottles for Presider and Deacon behind their chairs.

Open the Lectionary (Lector’s book) to the proper readings for that day. Mark the proper day in the Prayers of the Faithful binder and for the Mass intentions for the Deacon/Lector. Mark the proper day for the Presider’s Mass intentions paper and place it on the altar.


Place 6 purificators in each of the left & right side baskets for the 4:00 PM and 9:30 AM Masses.

Place 4 purificators in each of the left & right side baskets for the 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses.

Place 8 ciboria and 6 cups for the 4:00 PM and 9:30 AM Masses, and the Presider’s silver ciborium with a large host on the tray. Confirm the ciboria and cup count with the EMHC Captain and adjust as needed.

Place 4 ciboria and 4 cups for the 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses, and the Presider’s silver ciborium with large host on the tray. Confirm the ciboria and cup count with the EMHC Captain and adjust as needed.



Place the Book of the Gospels on the sacristy side cabinet top for the Deacon to review. If a Deacon is not assisting, place the Book of the Gospels on the front of the lectern.

Confirm the Altar candles are lighted by the Altar Servers. This should be done 30 minutes prior to Mass start, but no later than 15 minutes. Confirm glass chimneys are free of soot. Please DO NOT place the chimneys on

the Altar cloth as it could stain the cloth. (The practice is to light the candle closest to the Tabernacle first and work their way out from there.) Confirm the Altar Server and Lector are present. You should find a substitute if needed. Coordinate with the Deacon/Presider if a replacement cannot be readily identified. The Deacon should remind the Altar Server, but if there is no deacon at Mass, remind the Altar Server to process with crucifix for Communion procession after the Prayers of the Faithful. Confirm with the Lead Usher that they have identified a family to carry the gifts and understand when to come to the Baptismal Font (Immediately following the Prayers of the Faithful).

Place the 3 green notebooks as labeled: lectern, Deacon’s chair, and Presider’s chair.

Open the larger Roman Missal to the proper Sunday in the sacristy for the Presider to mark the pages with the ribbons. Take the Missal to the Altar side table when he is finished.

Lay out the Presider’s microphone. Ensure battery strength is at least at 3 bars. If not, remove batteries and place them in the container on the floor in the sacristy office. Get new batteries from the drawers in the sacristy. Ask if the hand-held microphone is needed.

A Sacristan will use a clicker to estimate the hosts required for each Mass. After the Sacristan’s count, place that number of the normal hosts (ONLY) in the large ciborium. Place the large ciborium and wine decanter on the table behind Baptismal Font and cover with a cloth. Note the clicker count on the count sheet taped to the cabinet door.

Repeating from above: If there is a significant number of hosts in the Tabernacle, coordinate with the Deacon to use those, and reduce the ‘count’ number in the large ciborium appropriately.

There are two assigned sacristans for each weekend Mass. One assigned sacristan should stay in the sacristy to assist the presider while the other assigned sacristan is making the count.

Close both sacristy doors 10 minutes prior to Mass start.

Only the Sacristans for that Mass should be in the sacristy once the Priest arrives.

You should wait for the Presider to put on his vestments and ensure that he doesn’t need any help fixing something like his collar. When you believe you are ‘done’, ask the Presider if he needs anything more from you. If no, leave the sacristy.

*********AFTER MASS*********

If the last Mass, lock the Tabernacle and return the key to the sacristy. The Altar Servers should extinguish all candles. (The practice is to start by extinguishing the candle farthest from the Tabernacle and work their way towards the Tabernacle.)

Return the Roman Missal and Book of the Gospels to the sacristy.

Fold the corporal back up and bring to the tray with the ciborium and chalice. You should also collect the empty water bottle from the Presider’s chair. Use the towel to dry the basin and leave the basin on the table. Collect the wine, water, ciborium, chalice, remaining purificators from the baskets, corporal and towel. Return all to the sacristy.

Place the wine and water back in the refrigerator. Replace the paper towel on the tray that was under each if they are soiled.

Take the folded corporal and open it up over the sacrarium and shake it to ensure any loose particles will fall off. Place the corporal in the soiled clothes bin. Rinse the sacrarium with water.

[If no Deacon] You should purify ** the chalice and ciborium/ciboria using the sacrarium (left-side sink), then sanitize (wash) all using the right-side sink, dry and place back in the cabinet.

**Purify by using a small amount of water to rinse the ciborium and chalice, pouring that water into the sacrarium.

Rinse out both sinks and then dry them. Close the lid for the sacrarium. Place soiled cloths in the ‘to be washed’ bin.

You can set up the tray for the next Mass with the Presider’s chalice, purificator, ciborium, corporal and towel. Cover the tray with a white cloth. Place the Presider’s microphone in its pouch and back in the drawer. Check the Altar to ensure all is clear and good for the next Mass.

If this is the last Mass of the day:

Be sure that the Priest has taken off their vestments and retrieved their personal items such as phone and keys before starting the procedure for locking up the sacristy. Sometimes they are asked to hear a confession and may be delayed in returning to the sacristy.

Turn the light off and close door to the closet with the priest’s vestments. Turn off the lights in the nave of the church.

Turn off the lights in the computer room and close the door that leads out to the nave of the church.

Turn off lights in sacristy.

Lock the two sacristy doors.

Turn off lights and close the door to the ministry room.

Turn off lights in the hallway.

Turn off the baptismal font.


The Church’s side doors are unlocked prior to Mass. The trooper will lock the side doors after Mass start. An usher will unlock the side doors prior to the start of the next Mass, and the trooper will again lock them after the start of Mass. Sheryl Forsha or Michael Orola lock the Church after the Saturday Mass.

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