The Church Office Secretary will schedule the wedding and notify the Wedding Coordinator and Sacristan Coordinator.

The Sacristan should set-up as for the normal Weekday Mass. (No cups. Use a 2 3/4 inch weekday host for the Presider.)

The Sacristan should be prepared to either enlist or (dressed to) serve as Altar Server and EMHC. If you believe a second EMHC is needed enlist the Wedding Coordinator. The Sacristan should ask the Wedding Coordinator how ‘big’ the wedding will be and prepare hosts accordingly. If it is a large wedding and expected to have a large number of Communicants, the Wedding Coordinator should enlist the EMHCs prior.

The bridal party will use the Children’s Liturgy Room to prepare. The Groomsmen will use the Ministry Room.

The Wedding Coordinator will prepare the Lectionary and identify and prepare a Lector(s) from the wedding party.

The Wedding Coordinator will place two chairs and two kneelers in front of the Altar steps.

The Wedding Coordinator will ask at the rehearsal if the Gifts are to be processed by the wedding party or placed on the credence table. The Sacristan should place the unconsecrated hosts and wine accordingly.

The Altar Server does not need to process with the gifts during the Offertory.

The Sacristan will light the Altar candles.

The Sacristan will place the Holy Water pot and sprinkler (aspersorium & aspergillum) on the Altar side table.

The Sacristan will place the hand held microphone on the Altar side table.

The Wedding Coordinator will place the Intercession Book pedestal near the pew for Altar Servers and will place the certificate to be signed on the pedestal with a pen.

The Sacristan will ask the Presider which Roman Missal he prefers. (Fr. Hank uses the smaller Missal.) Place it on the Altar.

The Sacristan will set out “The Order of Celebrating Matrimony” (white book) from the Sacristy book cabinet.

The Easter Candle is not placed near the Altar unless it is in season.

Bridesmaids and Bride’s family sit in Left Center pews. Groomsmen and Groom’s family sit in Right Center pews. The Wedding Coordinator will place “reserved seating” signs on the needed pews.

The Groom walks to the Altar from the Ministry Room via the Sacristy and computer room prior to Mass start. The Presider is also at the Altar prior to Mass start.

After the Ceremony, the signed Marriage document is placed in the Sacristy safe for the Secretary to process.

Reading 1, Psalm, Reading 2.
Gospel & Homily.

Bride & Groom stand with bridesmaids and groomsmen by their side for the
Marriage Ceremony:
Rings Blessed (if needed, there is a special paten in the Sacristy cabinet)
Best Man gives ring to groom for bride, then to bride for groom.

Option: Prayers of the Faithful read by the Presider. (From White Wedding Book.)
Offertory (no Crucifix with gift procession).
Our Father.
Lamb of God.
Communion Announcement* by Altar Server or Wedding Coordinator.

Signing of Wedding Document: Bride, Groom, Two witnesses, and Presider. The Altar Server or Wedding Coordinator will bring the pedestal with document to the foot of the Altar steps.

Final Prayer.

Presider pronounces: Man & Wife.

Unity Candle: [While typically not offered, if the couple request.] The Wedding Coordinator sets up the Unity Candle stand (never on the Altar). The tapered candles are lit before the ceremony, often by the Mothers. The Bride and Groom light the Unity Candle after the Universal Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful.
Flowers to Mary: After the ring exchange.

Reading 1, Psalm, Reading 2
Gospel & Homily

Bride & Groom stand with bridesmaids and groomsmen by their side for the Marriage Ceremony:
Rings Blessed (if needed, there is a special paten in the Sacristy cabinet)
Best Man gives ring to groom for bride, then to bride for groom.
Sign Certificate.

IF NO COMMUNION: There is no need for a Sacristan.
(No kneelers if no Communion.)


  1. Sign of Peace
  2. Lamb of God
  3. Then ALL say: “Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”
    We welcome each and every one of you at the Lord’s Table. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the True Presence – body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ, through which we are bonded together as the Catholic Church. During Holy Communion, we invite those who are not practicing Catholics to either come forward to receive a blessing by crossing your arms over your chest as you approach [cross your arms over your chest] – or you may remain seated. Thank you.

Imprimatur: The Honorable Michael Orola, 18 March 2023

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