“He spreads you into the world as seeds that sprout on dry land, as a consolation balm for those who are hurt, as a fire of charity to warm up many hearts choked by abandonment and hardened because they are discarded.” 

– Pope Francis

For those wishing to have an opportunity to give back to the community:

Catholic Charities at the Mission Market in Orlando
Sign up link:  https://www.cervistech.com/acts/module/safelink.php?orig_type=view&org_id=0003&tc=5e962f0655dc9  They accept volunteers 10 years old and up.

Open Door, Eustis:  Open Door is a day facility that allows the homeless in our area a place to shower, wash clothes, use a computer for job searches, etc. Here is an article from the Daily Commercial that explains their mission. They are in need of men’s shorts and t-shirts.  Every Thursday, St. Patrick provides lunch for the homeless who are using the facility. The Knights of Columbus and St. Patrick Youth alternate weeks.  They are located at 115 Citrus Avenue in Eustis.

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