St Patrick Youth Group Observes Lent

Lent was a time of praying and service for the St. Patrick Youth (SPY). SPY explored praying through Visio Divina. Both Middle School SPY and High School SPY took some time meditating and painting through our prayers. We also used a Prayer Board weekly to pray using the Blessed, Broken, and Given method. We posted anonymous prayers in gratitude for blessings we have received; we prayed for fortitude to get through our brokenness, and raised someone else up in prayer each week. For Easter, the youth received a beautiful surprise when those prayers were resurrected into a beautiful arrangement of butterflies symbolizing the resurrection of our Lord! A huge hug to Ms. Ann and her counterpart, Ms Vy, for displaying our prayers in a meaningful way. As a service project, the HS SPY potted flowers to send on to people in need of a little cheer to get through their difficult times.

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