St. Patrick Catholic Church, Mount Dora, FL 4/24/2024
The policy for gluten free (GF) hosts will continue to be that if someone needs to receive a GF host, then they need to arrive 10 minutes prior to Mass to let a Sacristan know. The Sacristan will let them know when and where to go to receive communion. There will be two options.

  1. If the person is not concerned with cross-contamination, then the host will be with the Priest in the pyx and the person should be instructed to go to the Priest’s line.
  2. If the person is concerned about cross-contamination, then the pyx with the host will be placed in the Tabernacle after it has been consecrated. The Sacristan will need to let the Priest or Deacon know that the Priest/Deacon will need to distribute it after Mass, and after they wash their hands. The Sacristan will inform the Parishioner of this procedure as well.

In both cases, the Sacristan will place* the GF host(s) in the pyx and put it on the tray with the Presider’s host prior to Mass. If there are requests for both Options 1 & 2 at the same Mass, then use two pyxes.
The policy needs to be strictly enforced. If the person shows up late or asks or one after Mass, there will not be a consecrated host available. If a Deacon or Priest is approached after Mass and has not been notified by a Sacristan of the need of a GF host, they will assume there are no consecrated hosts available and let the Parishioner know what they need to do in the future if they wish to receive a GF host.
*Gluten free hosts are kept in a labeled box, with a pyx inside, in the Sacristy Room cabinet. When requested by a parishioner, [Cleanse hands so as to not cross contaminate after handling wheat hosts.] remove a host and place in the pyx. Leave the pyx open and place it on the tray with the Chalice, not with the bread and wine to be carried during the Communion procession. After the Mass, please return the pyx to the Gluten Free box.

The unconsecrated 1 1/8” hosts for the Sick are kept separately in the Sacristy Room cabinet. These hosts ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE. They are slightly smaller in size and, we are told, easier for a sick person to digest. Consecrated hosts for the Sick are kept in the covered chalice-type ciborium in the Tabernacle. Please check it daily when you check the normal consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle before Mass. If below 20, place enough in a separate ciborium to raise the count to 30-40. Place that ciborium on the tray with the chalice. Notify the Presider/Deacon so the hosts are not used for that Communion. After Mass go to the Tabernacle and transfer those consecrated hosts to the chalice-type ciborium.

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