Gluten free hosts are kept in a labeled box, with a pyx inside, in the Sacristy Room cabinet. When requested by a parishioner, [Cleanse hands so as to not cross contaminate after handling wheat hosts.] remove a host and place in the pyx. Leave the pyx open and place it on the tray with the Chalice, not with the bread and wine to be carried during the Communion procession. Ask the parishioner to use the Presider’s que and identify themselves when they approach. After the Mass, please return the pyx to the Gluten Free box.

The unconsecrated 1 1/8” hosts for the Sick are kept separately in the Sacristy Room cabinet. Consecrated hosts for the Sick are kept in the covered chalice-type ciborium in the Tabernacle. Please check it daily when you check the normal consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle before Mass. If below 20, place enough in a separate ciborium to raise the count to 30-40. Place that ciborium on the tray with the chalice. Notify the Presider/Deacon so the hosts are not used for that Communion. After Mass go to the Tabernacle and transfer those consecrated hosts to the chalice-type ciborium.

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