3rd Friday of the Month @ 7 PM; said in English.

Since the time is outside normal hours: Set AC temp to 72° on controls 1 & 2. Push override button 2x on controls 3 & 4.

Set the choir area soundboard to English (weekend), just in case a choir is assembled. (The Community may use recorded music.)

The Filipino Community has their own Lector and PPT controller, but typically not an Altar Server.

Sacristan should set-up as for the 9 AM weekday Mass.

Confirm with the Presider the Readings he wishes to use for the Mass. Relay that to the Lector.Confirm with Mary Grace someone is available to lock the Church. Enjoy dinner with the Community.

Note for the Altar Server: Prayers of the Faithful may not be said after the Homily. However, Fr. Hank has requested any intentions be given to the Lector prior to Mass. So check with the Lector.

Fr. Hank used the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Mass, page 1336 in the smaller Roman Missal.

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