If a Mass is scheduled prior, the Sacristan will set-up and clean-up as they normally do.

Note: The Presider may request incensing; be prepared.

Move the Monstrance (meaning: to expose) from its case in the sacristy closet to the side cabinet. Using a Presider’s purificator wrapped around the stem, place it on the credence table with the purificator still wrapped.

Remove a kneeler from the confessional room and place in front of the front right side middle pew.

Remove the two candelabra from the rear sacristy and place on the left side table (near the incense stand), fill with votive candles, and light the candles 10 minutes prior to Mass start.

Attempt to be one of the first in line for Communion. Then during Communion, place the two candelabra on the right and left side of the Altar. If you have someone assisting, the two of you should walk to the edge of the Altar’s rug, bow together, then place each candelabra near the corner, each at an angle.

Move the chalice from the Altar to the credence table. Using the purificator, place the Monstrance in the right side of the corporal, facing your left. Slide the corporal forward, without lifting it, to the middle of the altar. Then be seated.

Optional: Move the Divine Mercy painting from the rear sacristy and lean it against the lectern corner, facing the middle of the pews.

Immediately after Communion place the kneeler at the base of the Altar steps.

The Presider will approach the Tabernacle, pick up a second purificator from the credence table, use it to retrieve the Host in its luna/lunette, and initiate adoration.

After the Presider leaves, the Sacristan will extinguish the Altar candles, leaving only the two candelabra lighted.

After adoration (typically around noon) the Sacristan (or Presider) will remove the Host from the Monstrance and return it to the Tabernacle. The Sacristan then locks the Tabernacle and returns the Monstrance to its case in the sacristy and into the closet, the Tabernacle key to its cabinet, and the painting to the rear sacristy. The two candelabra remain on the altar while the candles burn down/out. Return the kneeler to the confessional room.

Prior to the next service that Sacristan will remove the two candelabra from the Altar and return them to the rear sacristy.

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